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Check out Doug’s Journey with Integrated Fitness. Since joining Integrated Fitness, Doug has lost over 100 pounds! In his own words, “I feel like a brand new human being and it’s only getting better”.

Amazing work, Doug! Thank you for sharing your story.

What could YOU accomplish by joining Integrated Fitness? There’s only ONE way to find out!

The Integrated Fitness “Buzz”

For more testimonials, check out our ‘written testimonials’ page HERE.

“I have worked with a few trainers in the past, and let me tell you that Jon really knows his stuff. I think what’s really great is that, even though he has a lot of knowledge and experience, he doesn’t come across as a “know it all”. He’s polite, focused and very informative…he helped me lose 25lbs in 12 weeks!”


“Integrated Fitness has such a wonderful & supportive atmosphere & teaches health & fitness beyond just lifting weights or losing weight. All of the trainers are very knowledgeable & caring, & can help anyone of any fitness level. I came to them at 419 pounds & felt comfortable working with them, I have learned so much about myself, my health, what I’m capable of. Plus not to mention even with having COPD, they’ve helped me to not only lose almost 90 pounds already, but also to get much more fit & have taught me so much not only about general nutrition but nutrition specific to me & my food allergies. I’d give the place a definite A++!!”


“I started working out twice a week with Jon Arnold. About 10 weeks in, people began to comment on my recent weight loss and I tell them that the biggest difference was learning to push my limits and go beyond them. I ended up losing 30lbs in 12 weeks!”


“When I hired Jon I expected him to help transform my body, but in reality he helped me to transform my entire life. My willingness to step outside of my comfort zone and work hard inside the gym has mirrored itself outside as well. Thank you, Jon. You have inspired me to make changes that I never thought were possible and every day I am amazed at what I have accomplished.”


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It’s Almost Time…For the Integrated Fitness Weightloss Challenge

What IS the Integrated Fitness Weightloss Challenge?
The Integrated Fitness Weightloss Challenge is a 10-week exercise and nutrition education program with the main objective being weight loss. In addition to weight loss, there will be other physical and fitness measurements taken to assess each participant’s progress. Each participant will be grouped into teams to compete together. There are a multitude of awards given at the end of the program for participants who stay consistent throughout the program, but the most coveted are the Team award and overall “Weightloss Challenge Award”. The team with the greatest percentage of change (weight, bodyfat, inches lost) wins. The individual award is given to the one person who loses the most weight, bodyfat and inches and makes the greatest improvements on their physical conditioning. There are two weekly workouts as a group and nutrition education provided to each member throughout the program.

Is the Weightloss Challenge occurring in BOTH Integrated locations?

YES! See the information below for both our Dover AND Epping locations.

Dover Information

The next program begins on March 28th, 2016. The cost is $239 if you sign up by March 25th. After March 25th the cost is $275.

Please Note: There is a $3.50 processing fee via paypal.

Please Remember to Enter your class choice:
Please abbreviate your class choice in the text field. For example, if you’d like to sign up for the Monday and Wednesday Weight Loss Challenge with Frank, type “MWFrank”. If you need to reference our calendar, click here.

Enter your class choice

Epping Information

Next program begins on March 28th, 2016

If you would like to participate in the Weightloss Challenge at our new Epping location, the cost is $239.00 if you register before March 25th. After March 25th the cost is $275.00

Please contact us directly to sign up! You may call us at 603.777.6488 or send us an email HERE.