About Cindy

I spent all of my childhood and young adult life feeling unhealthy and physically inadequate. Maxing out at 325 pounds I knew something in my life had to change. I needed to be set free from the physical prison my body had become. It is then that I got on my knees and prayed to be determined to make a change! I spent quite a few years muddling through the confusing exercise and diet fads the world was throwing at me. I managed to lose a whopping 100 pounds by doing my best to eat right and exercise on my own. Even with that accomplishment I was left still wondering if what I was doing was right and how I was supposed to live my life with all of these “restrictions”.It was then that I sought the council of a personal trainer. With his encouragement and practical guidelines for proper nutrition and exercise I was able to put the misconceptions of the world to rest and radically embrace a life style of good health and fitness. In eight months I was able to lose another 70 pounds and 12% of my body fat. My total weight loss totals 170 + pounds! I can finally say that I feel free. Free to eat right without regret or the feeling of being deprived. Free to live my life to the fullest. My personal journey has stirred the desire in me to help others find the freedom I have found. Weather your freedom lies in losing weight, building muscle, eating right or being physically fit you need to know that your goals can be reached! They are attainable with proper education and commitment! The first step Is believing you can!

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