The Integrated Fitness Mission Statement

Integrated Fitness Exists to:

• Provide an atmosphere that is encouraging and comfortable for our clients to meet with their trainer, allowing them to reach their fitness goals

• Inspire personal trainers to become the best representation of their trade, reaching their full potential, educationally and financially

• Honor God by conducting business in a way that is in line with Christian biblical principles and by giving back to the community


About Integrated Fitness

Our specialty is personal training, we are not a “big box” gym focused on memberships. We dedicate ourselves to your fitness goals and helping you attain them. We do this in many ways:

DIVERSE TRAINERS: We allow our talented trainers to approach each training session with their individual style. They customize workouts, ultimately helping achieve your goals.

MAXIMIZE WORKOUT TIME: Our studios are designed specifically for personal training, so you are not being juggled among a lot of gym members. Equipment is always available for your training which ensures a quality workout for the time you have allocated.

GYM COMPLIMENT: We provide the road map for your fitness goals. We train you one on one, and the other days you can supplement our training with programs we provide to use at the bigger gyms. This ensures you stay on track and have several workout days with our guidance.

Integrated Fitness of Dover
42k Dover Point Road
Dover, NH
(603) 343-5920

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