In the world of physique competition, there is a lot that goes unnoticed from the stage. Unfortunately this sport is simply a comparison of who happens to show up that day. The audience does not see:

– the very early hours of cardio
– preparation of all the meals
– taking care of children when running on empty
– working early and late to make up for extra workout time
– extra cardio
– very low carb weeks
– the lack of sleep
– the intense workouts
– the late night posing practice when all you want to do is sleep
– the fight in avoiding temptation
– telling relatives that you are not sick nor have an eating disorder
– dealing with spouses that just don’t understand sometimes
– the careful measuring of everything
– tracking all your food, water and micronutrients each day and tomorrow before it happens
– the financial sacrifice of participating in this sport
– the time sacrifice
– the struggle of self doubt

No, the audience does not see that. All they see is the end product of all that. This is the work that’s done over many, many months in order to be ready for the stage. Unfortunately, this effort is not given much recognition at all. For Lauren Mintzer Arnold, I have personally witnessed how hard her fight this past year in preparation for this weekend has been. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen her up before 4am to get cardio done, go to work for a 5am class, get the kids ready for school and then get on with the day and still be up after the kids are in bed, preparing meals for herself and the family, practicing posing at 9p, 10p, 11p at night then get up the next day with very little energy to do it all over again and again! These days are far too many for me to count! Lauren is a fighter that deserves all the recognition of any champion even before stepping on stage! I am super excited for you and what you have accomplished and what you continue to strive to do! To say that I am very proud of you is a huge understatement! You are a true warrior and champion, my love!


Jon Arnold
Owner and CEO of Integrated Fitness of Dover LLC
ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NASM CES, B.S. Nutrition