I know this post is going to irritate a lot of competitors, especially bikini competitors. However, there is something that I feel I need to address that no one seems to be shedding any honest light on. I may become one of the most hated trainers for even discussing this, but it’s time to get real. It’s time we get honest about your butt!

There have been a lot of mistruths circulating social media about how women can develop glutes that look like J-Lo if they simply just do enough squats and other glute exercises. The honest truth is that the major shape of your butt is more based on your genetics than any trainer or coach is willing to admit (mainly because they don’t want to lose the sale). Specifically, your butt shape has more to do with your spine and your hip structure than anything else. The hard pill to swallow here is that the overall shape of your butt is based on factors that are completely out of your control!

Your butt shape can be determined at a very early age. As a father of 3 kids, I have noticed that 2 of our kids have a butt like mine, which is a bubble butt that sticks out from the top and bottom and is round. One of our kids has a butt like my wife’s which is a bit more square shaped and flat on the top. Now, did my kids with the bubble butts do more squats than the kid that had the flat butt?? Ha, you can see how absurd that question is! However, I have seen lots of pictures floating around Facebook illustrating how certain women with bubble butts must squat like crazy. The truth is, they were very likely just born with it! Or, these women may also have had some plastic surgery.

Now, with all that said, does that mean you cannot reshape your butt? Of course you can. My wife is a great example of this. She has had a relatively flat butt for many years. Through these past few years of hard training, she has developed a lot of muscle in her glutes and it has helped lift her glutes more and helped them look perky. However, even with that training, it does not stand out as much as someone who naturally has a bubble butt shape. Because of that, I would not recommend she compete in the bikini category (besides she crushes competitors in bodybuilding!) For most people who are not competitors that are just concerned about how their butt looks, I would recommend not worrying about the overall structure of your behind. Just focus on making improvements consistently and be happy with how you were created. Eventually, your butt shape will likely come back in style again, just as the square shaped butts were more popular in the ’90’s!

If you are a bikini competitor that gets stage lean (meaning nothing jiggles when you walk other than what’s supported by your bra) and wonder why you may not have placed well, take a look at the overall shape and structure of your butt. The truth is, judges are typically looking for bubble butts (a butt that sticks out from the top and bottom and is relatively round). If you don’t happen to naturally have a bubble butt, and if your butt is relatively flat, does that mean you won’t place well at a show? Not necessarily. If you pose in a way to make it appear that your butt is fuller, especially by wearing the right suit and if you train and diet well enough to create great symmetry, you could fool them into thinking it’s fuller than it really is. With that said though, I believe the woman who has the natural bubble butt is going to have a leg up in this competition. It’s just the truth. This is why in the competition field you often hear about genetics playing a big role in placement. That is definitely the case for bikini competitors and the natural shape of your butt!

Don’t get me wrong with this topic, all competitors need to train and diet hard and appropriately. None of what I have said here takes away from all the hard work that must go into doing a competition well. Knowing that the bubble butt women have the advantage in bikini competition though, if you are a woman interested in competing and do not naturally have a bubble butt, perhaps consider one of the other categories such as physique or bodybuilding where the shape of your butt is not the highest priority of the judges.