After reviewing some of the key concepts that are very important in developing great trainer/client relationships in part 1, it’s now time to move on to the real meat. This next single concept is what will make or break your career as a personal trainer, it’s that important! I believe many trainers don’t actually really get a hold of the real magnitude of this concept either. I think most only partially do this which really only leads to a partial personal training income. Unfortunately, that’s really not enough to live on. So, if you really want to make it big in this field, you MUST be able to master this next concept!Jonathan Arnold

If you want to be a trainer that clients want, you must be able to:


Many personal trainers learn a few key concepts about helping their clients get into shape, lose some weight, and help them have a little bit more energy. However, very few trainers know how to help their clients (or even themselves for that matter) get into PEAK physical condition.

My interest in personal training came about in the early 2000’s. I was working out at a gym that had a few trainers that were competing in natural competitions and I saw how phenomenal they looked! I wanted to do the same thing! That’s when I competed in my first show and became completely hooked on bodybuilding! After competing, because I really enjoyed feeling the way that I did, and looking the way I did, I decided that I wanted to help other people do the same thing. That’s when I began researching how to become certified.  I really wanted to help people experience what it was like to be in their absolute best shape, so I also at that time went back to school and earned a degree in nutrition. I knew if I wanted to help my clients effectively, I needed more education. Your best condition comes not only from effective exercise but also an effective diet and I wanted to really help my clients with both.

Since that time, I have personally competed in over 20 competitions and also became a pro natural bodybuilder. I have also helped a substantial amount of people compete successfully, helping them experience what it’s like to be at their absolute best shape. To be honest, you don’t know how bad you feel right now until you know what it’s like to be in your best shape!

With all that said, if you are a trainer that wants to help your clients achieve great results, it does not mean that you need to become a fitness competitor! In fact, it would be kinda good if you were not. The industry right now appears to be getting flooded with trainers that are becoming personal trainers because they competed in a show. It’s a very common trend. There are a multitude of ways that you can help your clients achieve results. I would recommend first focusing on what you really like most about fitness. Answer this question: Why did you get into this field in the first place? Focus on those reasons to start.

After doing that, remember that your clients are there so that you can help them see results. If your passion is running road races, or triathlons, or mud runs, or powerlifting meets, then help your clients achieve those goals. Chances are, you will be quite good at helping them given it’s something you are passionate about! Help your clients achieve their best with your help! Doing so will generate a lot of business for you!

In thinking about delivering results, there is one key point that I feel needs to be addressed. A good majority of clients are looking for weight loss and muscle toning. I would say, close to 85% of all clients that walk through our doors are looking for this as their primary goal. As a trainer, we know that there are so many other fitness goals that we can help our clients focus on such as strength gains, flexibility, functional fitness, endurance, etc. However, most new clients are looking for that weight loss, really because they need it! Over 50% of this country is overweight or obese! Given this point, regardless of your fitness passions, as long as you have a way to help your clients achieve their weight loss goals that’s safe and effective, and you couple that with the good character traits that I talked about in part 1, you will generate more personal training business then you can handle! In fact, over the years of my career, I have been able to generate some pretty consistent statistics on how many clients will renew their personal training contract for long periods of time (I’m talking being a  client of yours for life), based on their weight loss success:

  • If a client loses some weight (5-10lbs) in a 3 month term, and that personal training contract is up for renewal at that time, the client will be 50% more likely to renew for 1 more 3 month term then if he/she lost little to no weight.
  • 10-20lbs: If a client loses more than 10lbs, chances are (80% likely) that client will stick around for over 6 months, likely 1 year to possibly 2 years.
  • Ideal weight or new weight PR: If a client hits his/her ideal bodyweight with your help, or, your client hits a low weight that he/she has not been at in their adult life (or over 15 years), chances are, that client is going to renew until YOU fire them!

Knowing this, I would strongly recommend educating yourself on effective weight loss and weight management strategies that will help your clients truly achieve their potential. If you don’t educate yourself, chances are, at some point, that client will leave to find someone who can help them make that happen.

As a personal trainer, I would believe you entered this field to help people live fitter, happier lives and make a living. I would recommend that you do your best at helping your clients achieve what they came to see you for in the first place. Doing so will not only help keep you booked with appointments, but it will also help your clients and ultimately many, many people be healthier and happier people!

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“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)


– Jon Arnold